Services Include:  Resources of the Shade Tree Network private server.  
  Migration services, from present Web Host to Shade Tree.  
  On-Site Website Hosting -  Plesk panel, FTP login & Admin Access  
  Monthly rates on  professionally maintained sites.  
  Unique IP Numbers Available  
  Search Engine Submittal  
  50 e-mail accounts with domain hosted packages, including Spam & Virus protection.  
  $10 Domain Registration fee  &  Management, per year.  
  FREE Community Hosted forums     (Set Up & Logo Banner Charge may apply.)  

Basic Webhosting plan:


$10 per month ....or $100.00 per year, and we pay your domain fee!





  Shade Tree Forums serves as host to various website's forums in the Shade Tree Network.  
  Shade Tree Network also has several Union Based websites in the network, with their own independent memberships.  
  Shade Tree Forums gives all other websites in the network a common membership and login for their forums.  
  Various websites in the network may require their own membership & you can join them when you register, or by clicking "Group Memberships" in your UserCP (User Control Panel).  
  Some Forums in the Network require a subscription for Membership.  
  Registered Members can Subscribe or Un-Subscribe to them by clicking on "Paid Subscriptions" in Your UserCP.  
  Shade Tree Forums will also has a number of general forums for network members to post on.  
  Website owners in the network have the option to require membership to their website, or allow the general membership at Shade Tree to post.  
  Registered Members have full privileges in all forums open to general membership.  
  Each member has a personal page with a Personal Messageboard/with admin control, Bio, Photos Albums, Group Listings, and blog........  
  All with a User Control Panel that puts you in control of your account.  
  Members can display up to 4 photo albums on their personal page.   Photo Size limit 950X1200 pixels  
  Members can upload up to 400 pictures per album, and have up to 10 albums.  
  Members can upload custom Avatars & Profile Picture...... Avatar & Profile pictures limited to 150x100 pixels.  

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